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"ATC METAL is a company with a history of fastener export for more than 10 years. It has customers all over West Europe, South and North America, Oceania, the Middle East, South Africa, etc. Production range and capacity ATC METAL produces and supplies screws, bolts, washers and anchors in carbon steel and alloy steel (including stainless steel). Production is per ISO, DIN, BS, NFE, UNI, ANSI or customer drawings. Technical support and research A team of international engineers and technicians work on product analysis, technical process optimization and quality control. They give also regular training courses to workers. Seaworthy packing Packing is always according to customer requirement in bulk cartons, small boxes or poly bags. The rest is in skin pack, clamp pack, plastic bucket, assortment kits or steel cases. Packing materials are strong. Pallets are made of thick natural wood, dried, fumigated & wrapped in plastic film for sea voyage. Service and reliability ATC METAL is committed to provide high quality products and excellent service. With a rich experience in fastener production and export, it provides clients with not only assured quality products, but also consistent reasonable pricing, first class and ever improving service, full support in times of need. ATC METAL keeps good partnership with its customers. ATC METAL is always ready to work together with customers to create a world class fastener manufacturer."