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All Mastersteel Co., Ltd. found with Kaohsiung Kangshan screw factory masters. With more than 20 years' experience and profession in screw manufacturing, All Mastersteel's screw will not only come out with the shape of the screw but the superlative strength and high-grade quality in it. Only the skillful master can handle the screw machine right on the point under the long period ongoing production, bring the yield rate to the highest and make the screw shining in the user's hand. All Mastersteel provide price directly from factory, practical experience in choosing seasonal stable raw material and quality screw with reliable delivery. Our screw masters select steel wire in person, study screw forming with screw die masters and strict checking screw producing process from screw forming production, heat treatment, coating to package. We hope to face clients' demands on the front line, adjustment weakness, step advance into the better condition of the product, stable quality and better cost-efficient method in the production line. All Mastersteel Factory grow up with clients, positive communication and assist clients with research every kind of screw issue for improving the end-user experience. Working with the screw factory and communicate directly to the screw masters bring the product a new solution. Where there is expertise, there is wealth. Please contact: Johnny@mslfasteners.com