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In Dec. 1998, Canatex Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded by Antony Y.T. Tsai, the present president. Mr. Tsai had worked in Taiwan famous nut company “SAN SHING HARDWARE WORKS CO., LTD” (is currently named “SAN SHING FASTECH CORP”) and Japanese company “K’MAC”. Attributing to professional fastener training of SAN SHING and influence of conscientious business style of Japanese company, Mr. Tsai established Canatex’s subsequent fastener business direction and company culture of steady management. At the beginning of pioneering, it goes without saying that it was a hard time during opening up virgin lands. Thanks to the guidance and endorsement of many seniors in the fastener field, and cooperation of all Canatex’s members, Canatex has grown up gradually and steadily under the business philosophy “Business Integrity, Value Creating, Eternal Management, Achievements Sharing”. Bolts, screws, nuts, and hardware…etc. are our core products. Through international trade, understanding customers’ demands, integrating supply chain, executing logistics and quality control, we create value for our customers and suppliers. Our market extends all over Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia and India…etc., including auto industry, mechanical industry, household appliance industry, and construction industry. We firmly believe that fastener is one of the indispensable factors in developing industry as long as industrial civilization exists. We are proud of working in this field. Customers are always right. There must be improving space if customers don’t come to us. The road to improve quality, logistics, pricing and service is endless. In the future, we will invest more software and hardware equipment in the suitable time, and strengthen staffs’ on-the-job training to promote our service level. Our objective is to create more values for our customers and suppliers. Moreover, all of our staffs can enjoy working in Canatex and be proud of Canatex.