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InfoChamp Systems Corporation was set up in April 6, 2000, which is the subsidiary with one hundred percent reinvestment by China Steel Corporation (CSC), a well-known leading information services company in Taiwan, with its consultants mainly from the Information Systems Department and the Electronically Control Department of China Steel Corporation to maintain a fine tradition from CSC, inheriting the management essence of CSC, and having achieved a certification of CMMI Level 4. We combine the information professionals with advanced software technologies to provide customers with the technical support and information services such as the enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), information integration, automatic control and software application service provider (ASP) and other solutions. Currently, the customers come from the industries that not only include a variety of manufacturing industries (such as steel, metal processing, electronic, petrochemical, food, gloves ... ...), but also include the ones stretching across the trade, shipping, mass rapid transit, venture capital investment, security ... ... and other fields. Our businesses marketing scopes have covered Mainland China, Malaysia and Vietnam. And with the staff being of good quality, young and energetic, our business gets fast-growing in recent years.