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Established in 1997, Essence Method Refine Co. Ltd has developed a group of engineers, technicians and process technologists with over 20 years’ profession in Taiwan’s fastener industry. As a quality screw supplier, Essence Method Refine endeavors to provide the best customizing services to all clients. Our manufacture process is tailored to ensure better product performance along with steady market growth. We also devote ourselves to patent screws development while diversifying our products with escalating technical investment in the production line. Essence Method Refine’s persistence in excellence is further applied to our business ethics. Our innovation of patent screws on a regular basis stems from the belief that the fastener is the key factor to the success of other industries. So, we continuously advance the traditional screw making process from innovating the recess to changing the structure of thread in order to make fasteners more convenient and functional, and the regular materials from steel, iron, aluminum, and copper, to new scientific composite materials with superalloy, high torque, high bending strength and superior anti-corrosion. To further increase our global competitiveness and to meet the customers’ demands, Essence Method Refine established the R & D Department, Moulds Developing Department, Automatic Mechanical Techniques Research Department, Eco-nano technology Anti-Corrosion Department and labs for better quality supply. Essence Method Refine strives to maintain a long-term business partnership with all customers in line with the manufacturers and satellite factories because a sustainable management is our genuine concern. As the world integrates into a new technological landscape nowadays, we seek to offer world-class services to our customers’ satisfactory because we take great pride in our growing business, and all customers’ support will motivate us to aim higher.