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Throughout the years, we have helped Powers Fasteners innovate knurled wedge anchor bolts and tapped into the foreign markets and stainless bolt industries. Currently we machine stainless anchor bolts for Sanko Techno Co., Ltd. In 2015, we set up a sourcing department to help our customers develop Custom Fasteners, like special large bolts, long stainless bolts, stainless nuts, long stainless screws, cold forge bushing, timber fastener, and stainless stamping parts. Business Results: Argentina: Stainless special bolts (based on prints-oval head), Japan: Stainless wedge anchors, Poland: Stainless stamping parts, stainless wedge anchor expansion clip, Philippines: stainless flange nuts, stainless socket button head cap screws, stainless washers, stainless nyloc nuts, UK: Stainless Custom Screw(patented), USA: Stainless flat washers(custom for valves)