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"??Traditional sorting by manpower are always non-efficient and cost-consuming, non-conformity would be neglected from tired, careless no experience inspector artificially that lead to risk of call back and compensation. Enable market competiton-upgraded and satisfy demands for our customer, Chun Chan Tech creates various sorting equipments and the own software R&D ability to meet their products inspection varied. Combine with latest automatic tech: optical and eddy current and other precision measurements, applying over-crossing integration, self developed core technology especially. ??This moment we perform with excellent selling and aboundent inspection experience on equipments to the sorting for rubbers, fasteners or electronics parts industry, we hold absolute advantage on price and modules, providing customized project and subtle analysis to the need of exceptional part examination. ?? ??Persuading constant promotion to know how, carry out customer service, Chun Chan Tech grew up with solid, dependable policy, assure we catch up with customer need and world trend from our warranty to customer quality to no end."