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"Cheerson Industry Co., Ltd. formerly know as Lien-Fu Industry Co., Ltd. originated in 1978, and is one of most repected rivet manufacturers in Taiwan. We have manufatured and accumulated technology and experiences over 30 years. We are expert in manufacturing all kinds of spare parts and our products are widely applied in safe lifting components (Hooks, Shackle, Lifting Chain & Fitting, Wire Rope Socket & Sleeve, Snatch Blocks & Hay Fork Pulleys, Hoist Rings & Lifting Points, Angular Contact Bearing Swivel, Hoist Hooks, Rope Snaps Rebar Hook, Steel Aluminum Carabiners, Rope Grabs, Miscellaneous) caster (furniture wheel), leg roller, helmet, Personal Protective Equipments & Industrial Safety Equipments (Faceshield Visors, Visor Holders & Visor Brackets, Welding Helmets, Respirators & Cartridges, Safety Belts, Safety Caps, Safety Goggles, Earmuffs, Ear Plugs and some other related items)、Tea canister (tea caddy)、stationery、hand tools、Sealant applicator (Caulking gun) 、Pneumatic hand tools 、leather goods, electronics, electrical machinery, automobiles, building materials, machinery, footwear, gifts, sporting goods, medical adn biotech industry and other required accessories. iRivet is the one of the qualified leading brands of the rivet all over the world. The value of CHEERSON's existence is to help YOUR Success. Sincerely hope our 30 years professional experience on material and technical information, such as raw materials, the best and economic way to make, standards & specifications to mane a few would help to get the short cut for your cost down and R&D. CHEERSON also hope we can help your R&D parts testing and sampling for the best timing to get the order all over the world. A new technique to Combine Cold-Forging and Secondary Lathe Work make a Breakthrough Cost Down which replace the expensive CNC lathe parts! I'd like to emphasize again, The value of our existence is to help you succeed. Conforming to the trend of the changing Biz models, we provide small-volume/large-variety production to your true need and help the success of your solutions. Cheerson has specialized in products include: Rivet category such as: Semi-Tubular Rivet, Shoulder Rivet, Hollow Rivet, Grommet/Eyelet, Split/Bifurcated Rivet, Rivet Fastener, Drive Rivet, Male Female Screw and Rivet, Blind Rivet, Blind Nuts, Other Rivet Products. Screw category such as: Special SCrew, Customer-Designed Screw, Precision Screw, Other screw poducts. Button and Buckle category such as: Metal Spring Snap Button, Press Snap Button, Magnetic Button, Stopper, Cord Lock, Shoe/Belt Buckle and Other Button Products. ""The Cheapest Price, the Best Quality, and the Most Prompt Delivery"" is the reason why Cheerson is THE ONE! We will keep consistent humbleness to make masterpieces! Cheerson is always at your service. We sincerely wish our product can perfect yours, and our best price, quality, and delivery will turn into your smile of satisfaction. Again, the value of CHEERSON's existence is to help YOUR Success. Rivet Manufacturer Cheersons Industry Co., Ltd. is a superior Rivet Manufacturer in Taiwan, has been specializing in Semi-Tubular Rivet for many years. Our products are very popular among our customers worldwide because they are durable. We provide Shoulder Rivet, Solid Rivet, Blind Rivet, and Compression Rivet, etc. In addition, we also offer Special Screw, Fastener, Weld Nut, Hex Flange Nut, Stopping Nut, Washer, Ring, Flat Washer, and Lock Washer, all with high quality and competitive price. Prompt delivery and customers first are our prime goal, since we take customers' satisfaction very seriously. Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts about Split Rivet, Bifurcated rivet, Blind Nut, Blind Nuts, and Rivet Set. Main Product: Solid Rivet Special Screw Hex Flange Nut Blind Rivet Flat Washer"