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FIRST OPTOTECH CO., LTD. 第一科技技術股份有限公司 Img

The purpose of the establishment of the company for the cross-strait industry and research institutes to develop "innovative technology", "excellent products" and "trust attitude", and strategic partners to promote the industry's sophisticated, enhance the competitiveness of the industry, the The first phase of the company to competitive advantage in the traditional industry in the fastener and transport components industry as the goal, and select the industry need to detect digital, production automation, information management, equipment localization and service cloud for the development of the focus , The establishment of more than two years has been for the detection of digital, production automation, management of information and services in the cloud and other fields, the development of the domestic first product, a number and has been extended to the industry to use, very well received; and continue to work according to schedule , The development of more products to provide the industry to use, for the industry to make a contribution to the upgrade. At the same time to avoid counterfeiting, the company also intellectual property rights layout, to establish the technical threshold.