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LONGHWA SCREW WORKS CO., LTD. 隆華螺絲工廠股份有限公司 Img

Established in 1988, Long Hwa has over 20 years of solid experience in manufacturing and developing long screws. We have earned a good reputation among the world, especially in Europe, as a professional long screw manufacturer. Certified by ISO9001 and ISO14001, we place heavy investment in our quality control. Screws are tested during every process of the production with precise measuring equipments to insure our quality meets international standards. Through times of challenge and difficulties, Long Hwa continues to insist on stable quality and customer satisfaction with CE approval number 14566 and 14592. We not only manufacture but also work closely to develop new long screw with our customers, so both OEM and ODM orders are welcome. With Long Hwa, your ingenuity can be shaped with our expertise!