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"Founded in 1985, Tainan, Taiwan, QST has been growing from scratch to now a 100 million US Dollar fastener company. With its customer base centered in engineered fastener manufacturers and distributors worldwide, QST has been evolved into a diversified fastener supply chain manager with manufacturing, engineering, sourcing, testing and logistics service operations located in Taiwan, China, Thailand and other countries. It is the mission of QST to generate additional value to its customers through continuous improvement of Quality, Service and Teamwork. QST Manufacturing:With four wholly owned plants and six JV factories located in Taiwan and China, QST produces a variety of fasteners, fittings and cold formed parts at automotive quality. QST's in-house manufacturing centered in proprietary licensed products including Torx, Torx Plus, Taptite, Taptite 2000, Remform, MAThread, MATpoint and Rolok, etc., supported by in-house heat treatment, induction hardening and automatic sorting capability. QST Engineering:With over 50 engineers and product experts at its R&D, engineering and testing departments in Taiwan, China and Thailand, QST offers its customers engineering scrvices including product development, project management, capability study, APQP, process improvement and value engineering. QST processes over 1,200 PPAP and 2,000 ISIR annually and is capable of reducing cost and creating value for its customers through engineering efforts. QST Sourcing:By combining its in-house manufacturing and outsourcing capability, QST provides over 25,000 SKU of nuts, bolts, screws, fittings, cold formed parts, screw machined parts, stampings, metal assemblies and other C-class products out of over 300 vendors in Greater China. Under its vendor management program and ISO/TS 16949 quality umbrella, QST offers one of the most comprehensive one-stop-shopping services to its customers worldwide. QST Testing:Ley by Q-Lab, an independent third party testing laboratory accredited by A2LA, QST processes 100,000 testing certificates and reports annually from its 5 testing laboratories located in Taiwan, China and Thailand. Besides supporting QST's internal testing requirements, Q-Lab and the other affiliated laboratories provide third party testing, vendor auditing and training services to the industry. Q-Lab is also the exclusive representative of Greenslade, a US testing equipment specialist, in Greater China since 1996. QST Logistics:Starting 1996, when QST founded its Yeswin operation in China, logistics service has become the fastest growing business of QST. Focusing on the logistics demand of foreign transplants, QST provides tailored VMI services including JIT, Kanban, 2-Bin replanishment, Consignment Warehouse, Bar Code, in-house crib and exclusive fastener supply to OEM assembly plants in China and Thailand through its affiliate Yeswin and Newco respectively. Besides, QST offers Halofast.com/VMI, a remote inventory replenishment program to its export customers to drive down on-hand stock and operational costs."