"Modern Plating - Asian Pacific (MPAP) is a joint venture of Modern Plating Corporation (MPC), U.S.A., and several leading fastener manufacturers headquartered in Taiwan. MPAP provides electroplating services that meet the high quality demands of the automotive manufacturing companies and their tier suppliers. In order to insure the same high quality standards maintained by MPC in North America, MPAP was developed using the same technology, operating systems and management system in Taiwan as used at MPC in Freeport, IL U.S.A. MPC management and operating personnel played a major role in the design, development and installation of the equipment and chemistry used at MPAP. MPC personnel have been on site during both the development and start-up of operations. MPAP's newly constructed 4,000 sq. meter facility is located in the Benjou Industrial Park, Gang-shan, in the heart of the fastener industry of South Taiwan. Processing equipment at MPAP includes a state-of-the-art 12 station fully automated trivalent zinc plating line with an integrated bake oven and chromating system. This line has been certified by MacDermid for the application of their ZinKlad finish. In addition, MPAP also has in place a semi-automated trivalent zinc-nickel plating line. This line features the Atotech alkaline zinc-nickel plating chemistry and is certified for the Ford M21-P44 finishes. MPAP has partnered with Allltech, owned by PPG, for the application of the cathodic e-coat required for the M21-P44-A3 finish. MPAP expects to receive its ISO 9001-2000 certification in November of 2007."
EIN/VAT Number  
Capital   NT$ 100,000,000
Founded   20050812
Employees   16
Chairman   LI, JIAN- FONG
Address   12, Ben-Gong 6 Road, Gang-Shan Ben-ChouIndustrial Zone, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.
Website   tw.myblog.yahoo.com/mpap27688468
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