ED-TECH CO., LTD. EDTECH (易達盛股份有限公司)

"ED-Tech is Electrocoating pioneer in Taiwan fastener industry, our company has been developing and producing fastener anti-corrosion e-coating for over 15 years. Our well developed technology and quality products have been approved and utilized by Australia, USA and European customers for more than a decade. Tufcote is our trademark for fastener with e-coat. Mechanical Alloy Plating and Dip-Spin coating are also our specialty for screw anti-corrosion."
Company Name   ED-TECH CO., LTD.
EIN/VAT Number  
Capital   NT$ 10,000,000
Founded   20021223
Employees   20
Chairman   Shanny Tu
Address   No.7, Dayou 3rd st., Da Fa Industrial Zone, DaliaoDist., Kaohsiung City 831, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Website   www.ed-tech.com.tw
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