Song Xing Enterprise Company mainly in domestic and international OEM and ODM products, samples or drawings provide the basis for the production of metal parts of machinery made institutional products. Include rubber and plastic parts, punch parts, die casting, forging parts, CNC machined parts, finished and semi-finished products. Provide customer feedback design, development and production management, inspection and inventory management, shipping arrangements, full-service. Song Xing Enterprise Company uphold "trademark is a century the cause of the patent is the key to improvement," business philosophy, and a professional process with the factory, from the source patent evaluation, to provide customers of national patent application for trademark on behalf of and inquiry services, and maintenance of customers' products the value of intellectual property rights, to prevent the emergence of counterfeit products, and give customers the most complete protection. Provide customers with professional process of marketing management recommendations, product design, development, proofing, production, assembly, packaging, marketing processes, play an important role in the integration of resources. Professional design and development of manufacturing combine to provide customers a wide range of services, so that the design of new products and outputs meet the quality, delivery and cost effectiveness, to strengthen competition in the market niche. Song Xing Enterprise Company OEM and ODM products, across the bicycle parts, motorcycle parts, sporting goods, gifts and other products, mainly exported to North America, Europe, Japan-based, the requirements of quality and ROHS environmental protection material, and are in compliance with customer expectations and requirements .
EIN/VAT Number   45814142
Capital   1000000
Founded   2009
Employees   4
Chairman   Yang,Sheng-yao
CEO   Yang,Sheng-yao
Address   1F., No.260-1, Sec. 5, Zhanglu Rd.,Lukang Township, Changhua County 505, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Website   http://songxing.weebly.com/
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